Sunday, September 23, 2012

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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The piece is called the apples and bananas.

The idea of my project started with a sculpture that would project a light painting on the ceiling. It was a failure. I could not for the life of me figure how to focus the light of the projection. Or how to show the color of the painting. It worked in my head but never came to fruition. Therefore I changed to the moving abstract painting which could be projected on a wall.

I wanted the audience to have the feeling of obsession and admiration for paint as I do. I know that it is to much to ask for and would never happen. Therefore I will settle for the audience having a sublime awe struck moment by the build up and flow of the paint being projected many times larger than themselves on a wall or large screen.

The idea behind this piece was to create a digital mural that could play for the public on a outside wall or large public screen. The goal for the project was to combine the idea of out door cinema and a fine arts painting. The goal was to recreate the lost sublime feeling of moving cinema by using a medium that I am awe inspired by. I want to project the feeling that i feel about paint onto the viewer.

The main problem of the piece is the shaking of the camera. I tried my best to stop the problem but it never was fully resolved it. I had a hard time working around the automatic focusing of the camera. It also feels to short and I should have added more. I should added more paint and more medium.

To exhibit this piece in a public setting, I'm still looking. For right now I believe I should try it out on the walls of the no exit gallery.

experimental painting

Tuesday, January 31, 2012


during my experimentation I studied the lights. And made a bad animation using the lights. Then I realized a very important thing when doing so timing. Also I got idea during the stop motion animation of my phone and some paper origami I found. Using photos in strips and pieces and animating them in pieces of individual layers. then mixing the layers with strips of drawings and paintings. The conglomeration of media will makes a collage animation. I remembered a music video B.O.B beautiful girls opening sequence It the best way to describe what I am talking about.